My name is Gyula Bodonyi. I’m a visual artist, and I create motion graphics, and real time interactive visuals. I’m interested in any visually challenging project, interactive installation, or smart visual that reacts to people, data or sound.


My professional work is supported by my early studies of artistic painting and violin, through which I became familiar with creating visual compositions and working with music.
From 2009 I moved to Budapest to learn product design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and reached a MSc Product Designer/Artist. In the meantime I’ve started to learn programming, animation, photography and many more.
After gaining experience for 2 years working at a marketing company, I’ve started to work as a freelance motion graphic designer. Since then I’m continuously learning both graphic design and programming. Now I’m mostly developing generative real time visual installations.


Sum of my program knowledge:
Adobe After effects and Touchdesigner are the two main software I’m comfortable to work with but besides them, I have great experience in Photoshop and Illustrator too.
For 3D modelling and animation I’ve used Rhinoceros 3D and Cinema 4D mainly.
I’ve started programming with Processing and Arduino, for small projects, later I’ve got deeper into After effects expression and scripting language. Realizing the power of coding in the visual creative process, I’ve started to learn Touchdesigner which gave me the full potential to create with coding.
This program mainly uses Python, but it gave me the opportunity to learn OpenGL Shading Language too.

In the future I’m planning to expand my knowledge towards C/C++.